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Big Data Focus Groups - The New Frontier

Sean and the Campbells (John and Alicia) have teamed up on some of the biggest plaintiff verdicts in the country. They follow a few simple rules.

Rule 1: Never guess. Big cases and big decisions shouldn't be made by guessing, or intuition, or informal input. Big data and scientifically designed studies provide accurate, precise information to shape causes.

Rule 2: Big data alone is not enough. You have to implement what you learn. And there are no shortcuts for that. It takes hard work, practice, and drilling the skills and sequences you'll use.

After years of working together, John and Sean and Alicia have written a book, Jury Ball, which will be released at this conference. Sean and John will explain their method of building cases, from start to finish, using a combination of detailed big data research and on-the-ground implementation and practice. They'll bring the method to life by sharing examples from their most successful cases together and participants will leave with concrete takeaways about how to make each case more valuable.

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