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R. Rex Parris · Alan Blumenfeld

Becoming a Master Trial Lawyer

Rex Parris says, “Alan Blumenfeld changed my life, and he and I will help change yours.”

So many of our clients say, “Offer of 500 Grand, Verdict of 5 Million, using skills learned from ACT of Communciation tm Team”

It’s all STORY. Advocacy is creating a story, a narrative. Whoever controls the narrative controls the room.

In this participatory 2-hour session, you will go beyond your limits and discover your potential as a Trial Lawyer.

  • Speaking Like A Person, Not A Lawyer
  • The Power of Inflection
  • Persuasive Storytelling
  • Bonding Jury To Your Point of View
  • Beyond Eye Contact: The Jury is your partner
  • Guiding the Jurors’ Emotions
  • Making Your Quote The Jurors’ Quote
  • The Structure and The Rhetoric of Argument
  • Controlling Witness/Attorney and Witness/Juror Relationships
  • The Use of Open-Ended Questions
  • Restraint VS Going In For The Kill

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