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After more than 30 years of defense litigation success, Bruce Schechter joined the PARRIS Law Firm and has been working there as a plaintiff’s attorney for over seven years now. He has experience in handling cases ranging from wrongful death suits to product liability and personal injury claims. Bruce specializes in catastrophic injuries and has handled over 40 cases involving claims of CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). Now, Bruce uses his defense industry experience to advocate for those on the other side who have lost a family member, or who are suffering from catastrophic injury cases. Bruce in his career has tried more than 250 Jury trials, taken more than 5,000 depositions, 2500 of which have been expert depositions. In 2018, he represented two brothers who were severely injured in a head-on collision with a semi-truck driver for trucking giant CRST. The team secured a massive $54 million verdict. Bruce is a successful plaintiff’s attorney, and is a member of the California Bar as well as the American Board of Trial Advocates. He has spoken at many different engagements on a wide range of topics including “Winning at Trial,” “Choosing the Correct Experts when Litigating Catastrophic Injuries,” “Choosing a Jury in Brain Injury Cases,” and many more. He has also shared his knowledge as an adjunct professor of law at Chapman Law School. He has been on the Best Lawyers Super Lawyers list since 2009 and has an AV Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest that can be achieved. He and his wife are passionate about charitable causes such as JDRF, a juvenile diabetes research foundation, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Bruce SchechterKhail Parris
Bruce Schechter · Khail Parris

Depositions Are Trial - Taking Effective Depositions To Win Your Case Before Ever Seeing A Jury

Cross-examination is an essential skill in successfully representing your client.In trial, an effective cross of the defense retained medical experts can cement causation and give the jury a new and different insight into your client’s pain and suffering.In deposition, an effective cross can capture video-taped admissions that you can play for the jury in your case in chief. This presentation will break down the fundamentals of one technique that is critical in this effort—capturing negative space.

Bruce and Khail will share how they use negative space in the formation of the deposition of the defendant, and how to use the defendant’s testimony to build your case on liability and damages.They will also show video-taped testimony of cross examinations to highlight key portions of this technique, both with defendants and defense retained medical experts.

Bruce and Khail will also highlight other key considerations and strategies to ensure the deposition is successful for your client, including the timing of the deposition, what information you should have before you notice it, and how to minimize the weight of the defense medical experts before they are ever sworn in.

Bruce SchechterKhail Parris
Bruce Schechter · Khail Parris

Translating An Effective Deposition Into A Killer Cross

In this hour, Bruce and Khail will discuss how you can use key admissions and testimony obtained in deposition directly in your case in chief.They will discuss how they have used clips from defendants and defense retained medical experts in prior cases to short circuit defense positions before the expert ever takes the stand.In this hour you will learn how to clip your deposition to build a compelling video that you can play directly in your case-in-chief.

They will also share how they use an expert’s deposition to build an air tight cross-examination at trial, and how you can use your live cross-examination to show new weaknesses in the defense expert’s opinions.

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