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I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. My family immigrated to Los Angeles (the San Fernando Valley) when I was 10 years old. I lived in Phoenix while getting my undergrad degree at Arizona State University (go Devils), and returned to Los Angeles to attend Law School at Loyola. After law school I was hired by a Los Angeles firm that primarily represented insurers in insurance coverage/bad faith matters. I was introduced to the Parris Law Firm at a mediation, and after 17 years of practice for the defense decided to make the move to representing plaintiffs. I have been at the Parris Law Firm ever since. I am married and have 3 kids (18, 15, 12). When I’m not working or driving my kids around, I enjoy travelling with the family, going to rock concerts with friends and riding rollercoasters with my son. At last count, I’ve seen over 100 concerts and ridden over 50 different rollercoasters all over the United States.

Daniel EliKhail Parris
Daniel Eli · Khail Parris

Bankruptcy Hour - What To Do When The Carrier Screws The Insured By Convincing Them To Declare Bankruptcy

You invested thousands of hours working up your case, you paid tens of thousands of dollars gathering the perfect experts to illustrate the injuries, you invested your blood, sweat and tears prepping for trial, and then . . . you get the bankruptcy notice in the mail. The feeling of dread washes over you and you panic as you think about how much money and time just went down the drain all because the shady defense lawyer talked their client into filing for a bankruptcy that will stain their client’s financial record for more than a decade. But stop panicking, gather your senses, because your case just got better not worse. In this hour, we will go through what you need to know to turn this dreaded feeling into the greatest blessing for both you and your client.

(10 min) Evaluating the bankruptcy schedules

(10 min) Lifting the Bankruptcy Stay

(10 min) Befriending the Trustee

(10 min) Bringing the Bankruptcy into the underlying case

(10 min) Setting traps for the inevitable appeal

(10 min) Questions?

Jason FowlerDaniel Eli
Jason Fowler · Daniel Eli

Understanding Bad Faith and Breaches of the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

  • Policy Limit Demands – How and when to make them
  • Examples of Effective Policy Limit Demands
  • Understanding California’s new statute governing Policy Limit Demands and how to comply
  • Interactive discussion regarding specific case examples of Open Limits cases
Jason FowlerDaniel Eli
Jason Fowler · Daniel Eli

What To Do When An Insurance Carrier Denies Coverage, Coverage Denial May Not Be The End, But Rather An Opportunity

  • How to identify opportunities in coverage denials
  • Understanding when a settlement is and is not reached and how to avoid the pitfalls when offering to settle and responding to Insurance Carriers
  • Avoiding the affirmative defense of settlement and defeating it when raised by the defense
  • Will discuss recent California law on settlement and how it applies to policy limit demands.

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Pre-Event Party
5/16 — Tues. — 6:00pm

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Cabana Pregame Poolside
5/17 — Wedn. — 12:00pm - 4:30pm

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Jury Duty
5/17 — Wedn. — 8:00am - 5:00pm

You're invited to sit in as a juror and give feedback to presenter

Registration & Opening Pary
5/17 — Wedn. — 5:00pm - 8:00pm

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