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I was born in Atlanta, GA and still a die-hard Braves, Hawks, and Falcons fan as a result. Grew up in Los Gatos, CA, played football and basketball in high school. Went to college at CU Boulder (go Buffs). My grandfather, a WWII paratrooper in the Battle of the Bulge who went to law school on the GI bill and practiced in Durham, NC, introduced me to war stories of the battlefield and courtroom at a very young age, and when I quickly realized sport wasn’t taking me anywhere I knew I wanted to be a trial lawyer. I currently live in LA with my wife Jennifer and our two young children.

Daniel Kramer
Daniel Kramer

Winning the Case in Opening: How to Structure Every Opening

Opening statement is the most important phase of trial. It is not only where we first frame the story for the jury but where we can completely dismantle every potential defense before opposing counsel even opens his or her mouth. From employment cases to premises liability, this workshop we will help you put together an opening structure for your particular case that you can apply to 90% of your trials. Here are some concepts we will apply:

  • Creating a failsafe structure that can be used in a variety of cases
  • Story framing to get the jury on your side and angry at the defense
  • Use of video depositions and graphics
  • Dismantling defenses
  • Creating space and setting the scene
Daniel Kramer
Daniel Kramer

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