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Developing and Using Million Dollar Timelines as the Persuasive Edge for your Case

In this seminar, we will be using 4 examples of timelines used in multi-million dollar verdicts. In each case, the timeline simplified our communication with jurors and enabled them to adopt our theories and effectively argue for 8-9 figure verdicts. We will cover development and design issues for timelines in your own case as well as how to use timelines at mediation and in trial.

Developing timelines that are strategic and juror-friendly

  • Jury Research/testing of timelines pre-trial
  • Integration of key evidentiary points
  • Design alternatives depending on takeaway

Using Timelines in Opening Statements

  • Live demonstration with Q&A
  • Evidentiary Issues/Objections

Using Timelines and with Direct and Cross and during Closing

  • Live demonstration with Q&A
  • Evidentiary Issues/Objections

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