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Learn Trial Skills From Over 50 Top Ranked Trial Lawyers

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Huntington Beach, California | May 17 - 21, 2023

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A Trial Lawyer Event Like No Other On The Ocean

The Pasea Hotel is a world class boutique hotel on the ocean with only 220 rooms. TLU is taking over the entire place. "We did the PARRIS Trial College there last year, it is my favorite place for a conference." — Dan Ambrose

We will have three lecture tracks featuring some of the best trial lawyers in the world — 1. PARRIS Trial College; 2. Titans of Trial; 3. Trial Stars

We will also have bootcamp and breakout rooms where teaching will be in smaller groups and on your feet participation.

Bootcamps and Breakouts have prep sessions on zoom prior to the event.

Both breakfast and lunch will be provided and served outside on the patio with an ocean view/breeze.

Join us for a Happy Hour/Registration Party 5:00p - 8:00p on Wednesday, May 17.

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