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Born and raised in Hawaii, Bibi Fell still has a hint of the Islands in her smile. Welcoming for jurors, it often causes her to be underestimated by opposing counsel, much to their peril. She started her own law firm despite a series of personal challenges over the last 2 years, including a cancer diagnosis in her 4-year-old daughter. With her daughter now cancer-free, she is back to the courtroom and sharing her skills with others. Bibi combines an ability to craft a persuasive argument with incredible trial preparation. She is a master storyteller who uses visuals to drive the story. She loves spending time with all of her girls and the doctor who helped saved the life of her youngest daughter.

Bibi Fell
Bibi Fell

Workshop Your Upcoming Case – Brainstorming Frames, Themes, Visuals & Voir Dire Questions

A small group will have the chance to work with BIbi on one of your own cases to:

  • Brainstorm the case with the group and come up with ideas for frames
  • Come up with ideas for powerful visuals
  • Work on voir dire questions to get to the issues that scare you most
  • Find the Winning Story in Your Case

Participants who sign up for this workshop should do the following:

  • One week (7 days) before the seminar, send a short (less than one page) summary of the case facts along with any visuals or demonstrative evidence
  • Be prepared to give a 3 minute oral summary of the case (you will be cut off at 3 minutes), including what you think are your best and worst facts
  • Be willing to help brainstorm the cases of the others in the group

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