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John was born in Framingham, Massachusetts. His family moved to Florida when he was five years old. He was raised and schooled in West Palm Beach, Florida. While in high school he was the drummer in a rock band while being very active in sports having been named to two high school All America football teams as a running back. John then signed a football scholarship to play for Florida State University which was followed by law school and then active duty in the US Marine Corps, where he served as a Captain in the JAG Corps.

John and his wife, Nancy, have been married for 53 years and have four sons, each of whom played college football for Florida State University, University of Iowa, Kansas State University and Clemson University. Their family also includes four daughters-in-law and eleven grandchildren. John has handled virtually every type of tort and criminal case including those involving wrongful death, product liability, medical malpractice, murder, armed robbery, negligent security, trucking and auto, dramshop litigation, defamation of character, fraud and more. John is a former president of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers (now called FJA), the Southern Trial Lawyers Association and the National Trial Lawyers. John loves traveling with his wife, Nancy, his family and friends. When time allows he loves watching good movies, good series, snow skiing, college football, Olympic Sports, and being with others.

Motorcycles, dirt bikes, 3 & 4 wheel recreational vehicles & golf carts

Motorcycles, dirt bikes, 3 & 4 wheel recreational vehicles & golf carts

Creating & building your skills to handle, litigate & win these cases

This will be a hands-on/interactive “huddle” where we plan, Strategize & assess the how & why of putting the “fortressed” case together. We will identify the essential steps we need to take in the first 24-48 hours & then 30 days & then 90 days of developing the case playbook. We will conduct a legal autopsy on understanding & appreciating the components which make up the parts & machinery of these vehicles. We will move through the investigation, pleadings, discovery, mediation & learn how to debunk the defense positions & arguments. Take a journey with us through a unique & innovative methodology of developing engineer-developed demonstrative aids including animations & models designed to achieve victory. The session will then focus on trial steps & methods where we observe examples of what has worked & what has failed in the courtroom in these types of cases. Each Attendee will present the facts of one of his/her case….to be followed by an in-depth analysis of the fact & legal arguments to help in creating the optimal “Story-of-the-Case” & to assist in providing new paths to the winning Voir Dire, Opening, Witness Examination & Closings for that case.

Addressing The Most Disrespected Phases Of Case Handling & TrialAddressing The Most Disrespected Phases Of Case Handling & Trial

Addressing The Most Disrespected Phases Of Case Handling & Trial

(A) redirect examination

(B) re-cross-examination

(C) putting on a rebuttal case

(D) learning to understand that a “trial order” or “scheduling order” is not a “suggestion”

More often than not jurors strongly factor in decisions based upon the handling & outcome of what happened during Redirect or re-cross or the rebuttal case. This is why the trial lawyer must train, prepare & plan for these phases of each trial. In this presentation, we will focus on how to predict what the defense will do …(in part, through the O.S.P.A. process—Opposition Strategy Prediction Assessment)…to be ready to win the case in these trial moments. You will learn to exploit the power of your case in real-time advocacy.

Navigating The Minefields Of Valuing Cases

Navigating The Minefields Of Valuing Cases

(A) to accept or to decline

(B) to settle or not to settle

(C) the “trial number”

(D) post verdict case valuation

is it guesswork or opinions gained from experience or empirical data based upon jury research??? In this presentation, we will journey together through the various methodologies of learning how we must & need to assess the value of cases, we will “remove the mask” disguising realities in determining the value for given cases regarding “physical pain vs. “physical suffering” vs. “mental pain” vs. “mental anguish” & more.

Words & Images In Action In Discovery & Trial

Words & Images In Action In Discovery & Trial

Words & Images In Action In Discovery & Trial, Trial-Learning How To Create, Own The Language & Images Of The Case

Here we will concentrate on word usage & word & phrase sequencing demonstrating how the mere use of one word in a question or answer radically alters to perception of the listener. We will work together to analyze how best & when to use selected analogies & examples as well as metaphors & similes & rhetorical devices. This is at the epicenter of persuasion & persuasion. The language of the case must commence day one in your handling of the case. You will learn how to use these devices & methods in written discovery, in depositions, in hearings, mediation & trial. Attendees will play an integral role in this session as each will take part in presenting a real case scenario….so we can work together to develop the “good-better-best” approach to determining the language of the case for a given real litigation case.

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