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The Mental Game for Trial - Performing Under Pressure

The Mental Game for Trial - Performing Under Pressure

Trial work requires (1) performance (2) on demand, and (3) under pressure, yet most of us know little about the performance cycle and how to hack it to our advantage to improve our game and win consistently. We examine what separates the top performers across high-pressure disciplines and how to apply those lessons to your trial practice to develop a framework for your top performance at trial.

  • The 3 spheres of performance;
  • What to focus on and when;
  • Why working hard is not enough;
  • Strategies for real improvement;
  • How to use pressure to elevate rather than hinder your trial performance;
  • How to increase confidence in your trial skills.
TLU Presentation Skills Workshop

TLU Presentation Skills Workshop

CONNECTION is the not-so-secret sauce of every big verdict/great trial lawyer. It is not an art, it is not something some people are born with and others are not. Connecting is a skill that can be learned and mastered. Like all complex skills that one is seeking to learn and master, it has to be broken down into its component parts, its micro-skills, which have to be identified, isolated, and practiced. The micro-skills of connection are; eye contact, emotional state control(facial expressions) voice control, hand movement/gestures, body movement, glance control, word choice, creating space, and being KIND.

In the morning session, we will be learning, practicing, and mastering these skills in the context of opening statement which will also include mastering the use of visuals.

In the afternoon session participants will apply these newly earned skills to their opening statement for a case they are currently working on

Classes are limited to five participants. There will be three Zoom prep sessions to practice. This is a one-day class.


“Before I came to this bootcamp, I would use my hands while presenting but without much of a purpose and irregularly. Now I have much better command of my hand gesticulation and when to use it to help amplify the effectiveness of my presentation.”

-Hunter Norton, Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP

“I never realized how much control we have when we systematically use our hands. Meaningful hand gesticulation is powerful when trying to connect and bring someone in that you have never met before.”

-Triumph Curiel, Curiel & Runion Personal Injury Lawyers

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