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I am a partner at Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP, an adjunct professor at Loyola Law School, and the father of three boys. I am so lucky to be married to Smitha who is an amazing mother and the CEO of USC Care Medical Group, the physician group of Keck Medicine of USC. My wife understands and appreciates my passion for teaching so much so that she was cool when I worked to schedule our Trial College at the time that best worked for everyone – despite it starting the day after my 20-year wedding anniversary! I made the mistake a while back of asking Smitha what my top five qualities were that made her want to marry me. Much to my surprise and disappointment, my sense of humor did not make the list! She is right, I am not funny, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. I love the Buffalo Bills, “Dad Jokes”, and taking selfies (especially with my Snapchat filters).

De-Risking Your Case Without Sacrificing Value

De-Risking Your Case Without Sacrificing Value

Juror attitudes continue to change requiring lawyers to adapt in their trial presentation styles and strategies. As juror attitudes change, the insurance industry is more aggressive in pushing different forms of gaslighting. If we permit it gaslighting, or even worse, take no steps to expose it, our clients are at a substantial risk of being undercompensated at trial. In Rahul Ravipudi’s presentation, he will identify different risks he has anticipated prior to trial and teach you how to eliminate those risks. He will also identify different gaslighting techniques he has faced in trials and how he turned them against the defense to maximize the recovery for his clients. By the end of his presentation, you will have tangible tools you can use in your next trial.

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