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I grew up in Charleston, SC and went to Tulane University in New Orleans. I double majored in Psychology and Communication even though I started off in Computer Science. While in college, I was a bartender. After graduating from the University of South Carolina School of Law, I started practicing law with my father. He taught me to love the challenge of pushing law forward with each case.

I have been an adjunct professor at the Charleston School of Law for over 10 years where I teach civil pre-trial practice. For 30 years, I have annotated the rules of procedure and evidence in South Carolina. I am always trying to improve.

I enjoy learning new skills and ideas related to neuroscience, graphic design and technology. I teach and write about these topics because sharing the knowledge helps all of us become better. I love performing magic and usually have a deck of cards on me. I am married and the proud parent of three children.

Advanced Deposition Strategy and TacticsAdvanced Deposition Strategy and TacticsAdvanced Deposition Strategy and Tactics

Advanced Deposition Strategy and Tactics

Developing Exhibits for Your Depositions

Deposition exhibits created specifically for your case issues make a difference. What exhibits should be used and how to create them are the focus of this program, with multiple examples that can be adopted for your case(s). Taught by deposition masters Phillip Miller (the Miller Mousetrap), Eddie J. Ciarimboli and Justin Kahn this program is guaranteed to pay dividends in your practice.

9:00-10:00 Drafting Rules and Rhetorical Qs That Provide the foundation for your exhibits.

  • Creation of Rhetorical Questions
  • Polarizing witness testimony
  • Using exhibits for control

10:15-11:15 Rhetorical questions that force commitments to key case issues with examples

  • Agree/Disagree
  • Yes/No Matrix
  • Rhetorical questions
  • Continuum Lines
  • Making your exhibit part of the deposition record

11:30-12:30 Creating Your Own Visuals for Depositions

  • Use of Powerpoint, Keynote, and Stock photos/icons
  • Use of AI to create a customized visual for your case
  • Time Lines
  • Defendant Documents
  • X-Ray, MRI, CT FILMS
  • Medical Illustrations
  • Models
Designing Exhibits - Design Ideas and TechniquesDesigning Exhibits - Design Ideas and TechniquesDesigning Exhibits - Design Ideas and Techniques

Designing Exhibits - Design Ideas and Techniques

Tailored specifically for trial lawyers, this comprehensive program draws inspiration from leading experts in the field, including Tufte, Ciarimboli, Kahn, and Miller. Participants will gain invaluable insights into designing exhibits that pack a persuasive punch and can be used in motions, mediations, depositions, and trials.

The program covers a wide array of exhibit formats and tools, from PowerPoint and Keynote to foam core boards, IPEVO document presenters, spontaneous drawings, 3-dimensional timelines, models, and even AI-generated content.
Additionally, attendees will learn to identify and avoid common design mistakes that can hinder their case presentation.

Structured as a blend of a presentation and workshop, this program offers a hands-on learning experience suitable for lawyers of all experience levels. Participants are encouraged to bring pending matters, enabling instructors to provide personalized guidance and assist in crafting exhibits tailored to their specific cases.

By attending "Designing Persuasive Exhibits," trial lawyers can expect to acquire practical skills and creative strategies to effectively communicate their arguments and evidence in a visually compelling manner, ultimately enhancing their success in the courtroom. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your exhibit creation game and bolster your advocacy skills!

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