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I was born in the great city that no one has ever heard of, Lancaster, California. Growing up, I watched my parents work to grow their firm from a single office cubicle to the large firm that it is today and realized that I did not want to work that hard. I went to college thinking that I wanted to own a restaurant one day, only to realize restaurant owners work harder than lawyers, with smaller profit margins. So, I decided to work for my father as his tech guy/unofficial associate. I summarized his depositions, prepped his mind maps, and built his closings. After doing several trials with him, I finally realized that helping people in their darkest times alongside my father wasn’t the hard work that I once envisioned, so I decided to go to law school. Several years later my father asked me to go golfing with a Bruce Schechter, to which I begrudgingly agreed. Three holes and a couple of tequila shots later, we became fast lifelong friends. Ever since, I have been trying cases alongside my dad and Bruce. When I am not working with those two, I am wrestling with my two french bulldogs, Beau and Bleu, or cooking for my lovely wife Bre.

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R. Rex Parris · Khail Parris

Recent Research In The Art Of Persuasion

Review and Application of science backed techniques to apply at trial

Rex will present the latest advancements in understanding human thought processes and their applications in trials. He will analyze how different jurors perceive facts and how they change their opinions based on what they think other people believe. We will explore the scientific evidence of how people decide if someone is being truthful or not.

We will spend time on how best to use visuals in trial and more importantly how to manage the visual of impact of the plaintiff’s team on the jury. You will learn how to dramatically increase the challenges for cause that are granted.

Additionally, he will teach the most effective time to request financial compensation, and some of the best ways to make such a request. We will practice the best use of metaphor when asking for compensation. Most important, we will learn the best way to help the jury decide to help the plaintiff with fair compensation for their injuries.

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