Khail Parris

The Parris Firm

I was born in the great city that no one has ever heard of, Lancaster, California. Growing up, I watched my parents work to grow their firm from a single office cubicle to the large firm that it is today and realized that I did not want to work that hard. I went to college thinking that I wanted to own a restaurant one day, only to realize restaurant owners work harder than lawyers, with smaller profit margins. So, I decided to work for my father as his tech guy/unofficial associate. I summarized his depositions, prepped his mind maps, and built his closings. After doing several trials with him, I finally realized that helping people in their darkest times alongside my father wasn’t the hard work that I once envisioned, so I decided to go to law school. Several years later my father asked me to go golfing with a Bruce Schechter, to which I begrudgingly agreed. Three holes and a couple of tequila shots later, we became fast lifelong friends. Ever since, I have been trying cases alongside my dad and Bruce. When I am not working with those two, I am wrestling with my two french bulldogs, Beau and Bleu, or cooking for my lovely wife Bre.

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