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Perfecting Your Practice: Proven Strategies for Scaling Your Personal Injury Firm

Hour 1 - Building your idea

  • Where do you start?
  • What type of firm is best suited to your skills and resources?
  • Where should you be spending your time to grow your firm?

Hour 2 - How healthy is your firm Pt 1

  • Your Profit & Loss Statement
  • What are industry standards?
  • What should you be looking for?
  • How to do a profit center analysis?
  • What should attorneys be producing?
  • Attorney Compensation Plans

Hour 3 - How healthy is your firm Pt 2

  • How to know if you are getting the best value on your best cases
  • Where are the best opportunities to grow your firm?
  • How to find weak spots and bottlenecks at your firm and how to fix them.
  • How to measure your marketing effectiveness

Hour 4 - Low-hanging fruit to increase profitability

  • The first two things we do to improve firm efficiency in the first 3 months.
  • How to apply these concepts at your firm immediately

Hour 5 - Increasing your average fee

  • Three things you can implement to increase your average fee.

Hour 6 - The 10 key reports you'll use

  • Don't need 1000 reports, you need these 10
  • How to get them from your case management platform.
  • When and how to use them.


Hour 1 - Core disciplines that pay off

  • Three simple disicplines that will improve your case handling.
  • The best way to stay in communication with your clients How to keep files moving forward
  • How to coach your attorneys and support team on best practices

Hour 2 - Big case file reviews

  • Proven process for how to review your best cases on a consistent basis to make sure you are maximizing value.
  • Checklist of what to cover during these meetings.
  • How to coach your attorneys and support team on these cases.

Hour 3 - Depositions: Getting the most out of them as a firm

  • How to systematically get your team prepared for all depositions How to coach your attorneys on taking and defending depositions
  • Reports you need to keep these processes in place

Hour 4 - Culture, team, and execution

  • How do you create a great culture at your firm?
  • How do you create a team that is able to execute on core initiatives
  • What are key positions that you need to fill in order to create a great firm?
  • What key meetings keep it all together?
  • Creating processes that stick
  • Create systematic accountability

Hour 5 - Core marketing concepts to generate more cases

  • What is right for your firm?
  • What kind of budget should you have?
  • What has the biggest payoff?
  • How do you track your dollars spent?

Hour 6 - Q&A session

  • Review topics submitted by attendees prior to conference.
  • Review questions raised based on content.

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