Joon Hong

Let the Jury Solve Your Problems

Jury selection. That dreaded exercise where you’re forced to stand in front of a hostile audience who views you as some sort of “ambulance chaser.” This cranky group of people plucked from their everyday lives and dropped into the middle of a courtroom are going to decide the outcome of your trial! They’re angry they have to be there, and you’re worried they’re going to make you pay.

Jurors are the enemy, right? WRONG. Jurors are hostages. But once you learn how to free them (and yourself!) you’ll find that they’ll solve every last one of your problems, if you let them.

Sari de la Motte is one of the nation’s top trial consultants, author of From Hostage to Hero: Captivate the Jury By Setting the Free, and the creator of the H2H MethodTM. Joon Hong is the first ever H2H faculty member, a trial lawyer and consultant. For the first time ever, TLU welcomes Joon Hong to TLU Live where he will teach YOU how to Let the Jury Solve Your Problems.

In this seminar, you’ll learn Sari’s proven 5-Step Voir Dire Process that will show you how to:

  • …deal with the fears in your case;
  • create an “ideal juror profile;”
  • find the principle in your case that jurors believe and stand by;
  • create “funnels” that will allow the jurors to give you the principle in your case;
  • and sequence voir dire for maximum effect.

But you’ll also learn:

  • …how to follow up effectively;
  • how to make even “bad” juror answers work in your favor;
  • and how to deal with defense points without making them the focus of your case.

If you want a boring CLE where you sit for 3 hours while someone tells war stories, this seminar is not for you. If you want real strategies that produce real results and three hours of on-your-feet learning, then register NOW. Seats are sure to go fast.

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