Steve Vartazarian

The Vartazarian System of Jury Selection: Making Jury Selection Fool Proof For Any Lawyer

Many attorneys consider jury selection the most daunting and intimidating part of a trial. With unexpected answers, time limits, questioning 18 to 50 jurors at once, jury selection can go south very quickly for the unwary litigant. Steve Vartazarian has revolutionized this process with his foolproof system that can be adapted to any case, by any lawyer. His technique enables attorneys to build rapport, establish credibility, and pinpoint ideal and undesirable jurors with ease. Steve’s system focuses on simplifying any case down to 4 topics resulting in attorneys interacting more effectively with jurors and asking direct, pertinent questions that unearth bias and establish credibility. With this system, attorneys can do away with the uncertainty of abstract questioning, and the use of overly complicated jury selection methods that can get you lost. Steve’s system frees lawyers from the complexities of conventional jury selection, and espouses a more authentic, seamless and efficient selection process that’s actually enjoyable and rewarding even for the most intimidated litigant.

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