Jonathan Michaels

Litigating the Autopilot Case

In virtually every vehicle crash case that now comes across your desk, a new question has arisen: who was driving the car? It is no longer sufficient to consider only whether the crash was caused by your client or the other driver. AI technologies and autopilot systems have introduced an entirely new way of looking at vehicle collisions, and with this new comes new theories of liability and new, well-funded parties who can satisfy claims.

In this talk, we will explore when a vehicle manufacturer may be responsible for causing the crash, and how to identify the potential liability. We will also discuss how to litigate the autopilot case, with particular focus on preparing the complaint, conducting discovery, and retaining experts.

With this lecture, you will learn when a claim may exist against a car company, and how to litigate the claim. You will also see how bringing in a vehicle manufacturer as a defendant can change the entire financial landscape of recovery. As technology advances and autopilot systems become commonplace, having a firm understanding of how these systems work can prove vitally important in achieving full justice for your client.

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