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TLU Cross-Examination Workshop

The critical skills to most effectively deliver cross are; leading questions only, one new fact per question, using only present tense, using your hand to control the witness, creating space, effectively using a flip chart to anchor points, bringing the jury in, and closing through cross-examination.
Classes are limited to six participants.

We will be learning and practicing these skills through the use of three chapters of cross-examination.

There will be three zoom prep sessions to practice the scripts.


“I left the program more comfortable making eye contact with people as a presenter as well as a listener. While sitting as a member of our practice jury, I had a tendency of looking away, looking down, and closing my eyes when the presenter would attempt to make a connection with me. This will help me not only as a trial lawyer but also in my everyday interactions with the people around me.”

-Derick Runion, Curiel & Runion Personal Injury Lawyers

"Before this program, I talked fast because I didn’t want to bore my listener and I wanted to get out everything I had to say before I forgot anything. However, once we watched ourselves on video, I realized that speaking slowly gives jurors time to process what I'm saying and looks more professional.”

-Jose Robles, Robles Babaee Personal Injury Lawyers

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