Kurt Zaner

Using Theatrical Techniques To Tell Your Client's Story At Trial

Most lawyers are boring and bore jurors into not caring. Or worse, they try too hard to entertain them and make the jurors hate them. We need to find a happy medium – keeping the jurors entertained and caring about your case, without pushing them away by acting over the top. I trained as a stage actor throughout college and moved to LA upon graduation to pursue acting before going back to law school. I have found that learning how to emote and act brings clarity, passion, and emotion to your presentations. Most jurors' exposure to lawyers involves watching lawyers on TV. So we need to give them what they want.

I will teach and model how to pick your moments to use dramatic techniques throughout trial to keep them entertained and trusting you. You will not be "acting" in the courtroom, you will be living your true self and expressing your full range of authentic emotions, and maximizing your presentation skills with an eye towards your listener/watcher. This will run the full gamut of trial – from Voir Dire, to Opening, Witnesses direct and cross, and Closing. These techniques include speaking directly to your client, using pauses, incorporating defense counsel into the story theatrically, and storytelling with emotion and intention. It's gonna be a hoot.

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