Haytham Faraj

Bringing The Courtroom To Life

Advanced skills and techniques to make your story the only story the jury remembers.

In recent years, in no small part to programs like Trial Lawyer University and other excellent trial skills programs like the Gerry Spence Method, trial lawyers have come to embrace the crucial importance of storytelling in trial. Lawyers are effectively structuring their facts, identifying the protagonist and antagonist. Understanding the importance of having a villain and properly sequencing the case so the jury experiences the tension and the emotional highs and lows of a good story.

A good defense presentation will also present a compelling story. So how to insure the plaintiff’s presentation is the more memorable story? Neuroscience has definitively established the importance of the visual on memory recall. This presentation will explore advanced techniques and tools that are available to every trial lawyer that can bring the courtroom to life, from voir dire to closing. Participants will be taught skills to bring action into the courtroom and to put those tools into action during the presentation.

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