Depositions Are Trial - Taking Effective Depositions To Win Your Case Before Ever Seeing A Jury

Cross-examination is an essential skill in successfully representing your client.In trial, an effective cross of the defense retained medical experts can cement causation and give the jury a new and different insight into your client’s pain and suffering.In deposition, an effective cross can capture video-taped admissions that you can play for the jury in your case in chief. This presentation will break down the fundamentals of one technique that is critical in this effort—capturing negative space.

Bruce and Khail will share how they use negative space in the formation of the deposition of the defendant, and how to use the defendant’s testimony to build your case on liability and damages.They will also show video-taped testimony of cross examinations to highlight key portions of this technique, both with defendants and defense retained medical experts.

Bruce and Khail will also highlight other key considerations and strategies to ensure the deposition is successful for your client, including the timing of the deposition, what information you should have before you notice it, and how to minimize the weight of the defense medical experts before they are ever sworn in.

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