Dale Galipo

Civil Rights College

Working Up A Civil Rights Case Before Trial


A. Considerations In Deciding Whether To Take A Civil Rights Case
B. Dealing With The Related Criminal Case
C. What To Do Before Filing The Lawsuit
D. Filing The Complaint
E. Getting The Documents
F. Taking Effective Depositions
G. Framing The Case
H. Setting The Standard(s)
I. Using Experts
J. Opposing Summary Judgment
K. Dealing With Qualified Immunity


How To Win a Civil Rights Case At Trial
A. Overcoming Negative Evidence (Exclude-Limit-Deal With)
B. Motions In Limine
C. Jury Instructions
D. Verdict Form
E. Jury Selection
F. Giving An Effective Opening Statement
G. Direct Examination/Ordering The Witnesses
H. Effective Cross-Examination At Trial
I. Handling The Experts At Trial
J. Giving A Persuasive Closing Argument
K. Presenting A Strong Rebuttal Argument
L. Post-Trial Issues

Dale's class was extremely motivating and informative. He was able to convey all of the hurdles a civil rights lawyer has to face at a very human level, which I think is what makes him such an effective advocate.
-Matt Falkenstein

Dale Galipo's Civil Rights College was the best part of the weekend. Dale does a great job of providing an outline on how to approach civil rights cases from start to finish. He is very easy to follow and uses real life case examples that were great to listen to. I plan on going back this year and can't wait to see Dale in action again.
-Michael Carrillo, Carrillo Law Firm

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