Closing Arguments

Hour 1: Work days and how they drive our cases

Learn about the worksheets our attorneys use for every case, and how these worksheets when completed correctly will help you create the most powerful opening statement, order of proof, and voir dire. We will also have John Campbell join us to explain how we use Big Data reports to drive our workdays.

The following two cases will be used at the teaching vehicles.

Case #1: Vehicle v. Pedestrian: $14.1 Million Verdict

Our client, who was hit by a SUV while riding his bicycle, walked out of the courtroom with a $14.1 Million verdict after a two-week trial. Although portions of our client’s spine were fused as a result of this collision, the jury made it clear that he did nothing wrong, and that this jury was unwilling to tolerate the defendant’s conduct and excuses.

In each one-hour segment we will analyze the strategies we used to tell our client’s story in an affective, illuminating, and persuasive way. The way we presented our client’s story of what happened in this case could not be overcome by the excuse-ladened defendant. This verdict was as much about the manner in which the facts were presented to the jury as it was about the facts themselves. This trial is a great example of how truly understanding your client’s life, injuries, and dreams will guide you in presenting a compelling, impactful case for a full and fair verdict.

Case #2: Medical Negligence: $47 Million Verdict

In this case, a young mother was left conscious but entirely unable to communicate, after doctors failed to properly treat her dangerous sodium imbalance resulting in her suffering permanent brain damage.

The challenge in trying this case was figuring out how to simplify, simplify, simplify. This complex case involved claims against numerous doctors and staff at two separate hospitals. The case was heavily entangled with medical theories, jargon, and testimony; yet we knew that in the end, the story was a simple one. Throughout this seminar we will discuss the process we underwent to simplify the complex and electrify the mundane. The $47 Million verdict seems to indicate that we told the better—simpler—story.

Hour 2: Voir Dire

Learn the techniques we use to bring our juries together and to make sure we get rid of the jurors that will never see the case favorably for our side; The following two cases will be used at the teaching vehicles.

Hour 3: Opening Statements

See how we used the information contained from our workday worksheets to create the most powerful opening statements in the industry. We will also discuss the use of powerpoint and how it is way more powerful than you ever knew.

Hour 4: Direct Examinations

Learn how to be prepared to execute the best and most succinct
direct expert and lay examinations.

Hour 5: Cross Examinations

Learn the art of devastating cross examinations. We will discuss the preparation as well as the execution of the cross examinations for both lay and expert witnesses.

Hour 6: Closing Arguments

We will demonstrate how we use video clips of the key trial moments to create powerful closing arguments. We will also go over how we incorporate songs into our closing arguments. And how we framed the Money ask. In the end you will have new tools to give your most compelling closing arguments ever.

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