Clash Of The Titans

In a clash of the titans, two kings of their craft, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Dan Kramer and the Lancaster Slumdog Millionaire Khail Parris will go head to head in a debate on the toughest questions trial attorneys face. They will battle it out on the best strategies for preparing any case for trial and presenting issues to a jury. These two titans will debate:

  • To waive or not to waive past meds
  • Should your client show up for trial (if so at which stages)
  • Do you call a biomechanic or just cross theirs
  • When do you ask for big dollars
  • Mini-openings and voir dire – do you oversell the warts or try to get an early start on convincing jurors
  • Should you retain an expert or simply rely on treating physicians
  • Do you move in limine to exclude bad facts that the defense may not know about or simply hope they never find out
  • Should you play the deposition designations of the defense experts or save it for cross

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