Dr. Hector Miranda

Direct and Cross Examination Mild TBI Life Care Plan Workshop

Topics to be Discussed:

1. Causation of mild TBI

2. Prognosis

a. Parkinsons

b. Alzheimers

c. Depression

d. Isolation

3. Objective mTBI studies

a. DTI

b. VNG


d. Neuroquant

e. Physical exam findings

f. Pituitary gland stimulation testing

4. Address gaps in treatment of the injured patient

5. Differential diagnosis of a mild TBI, including:


b. Chronic pain

c. Prior TBI

6. Future medical care in mTBI

a. Cervical facet blocks

b. Occipital nerve blocks

c. Peripheral nerve stimulation surgery

d. Growth Hormone replacement

e. Cortisol replacement

f. Attendant care

7. Underreported subjective complaints of mTBI

a. Headaches

b. Fatigue

c. Imbalance

d. Cognitive impairment

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