Alicia Campbell

Harnessing Data, AI, and Empirical Studies for Optimal Case Selection and Development

In this comprehensive three-hour workshop, we will explore how attorneys can leverage big data, mini-data early studies, artificial intelligence (AI), and a data-driven approach to identify high-value cases, optimize resource allocation, and maximize outcomes. By focusing on key strategies and insights, you'll learn how to find your "diamonds in the rough" and achieve more 7 and 8-figure results.

**Hour 1: The Power of Data and Empirical Studies in Legal Practice**

In the first hour, we'll introduce the transformative role of data and empirical studies in the way attorneys select, develop, and try cases. We'll discuss:

1. Emerging systems that enable early case focus and informed decision-making regarding discovery, resource allocation, and time management.

2. Techniques for identifying high-potential cases (diamonds in the rough) using data-driven insights.

3. Real-world examples showcasing the impact of data and empirical studies on case outcomes.

**Hour 2: Lessons from Data: Tips for Developing High-Value Cases**

Building upon the foundation established in Hour 1, we'll dive into specific lessons learned from data analysis and share practical tips for working up more valuable cases. Key topics include:

1. Identifying and leveraging neutral witnesses to strengthen your case.

2. Searching for and utilizing Other Similar Incidents (OSIs) to establish patterns of negligence or wrongdoing.

3. Developing alternative timelines to challenge opposing narratives and reinforce your case theory.

4. Framing negligence as an A/B comparison between the right way and the wrong way to highlight the defendant's actions.

**Hour 3: Data-Driven Strategies for Trial Success**
In the final hour, we'll explore how data can inform critical decisions and strategies throughout the trial process. We'll cover:

1. Using data to assess settlement offers and determine when to "shove money back across the table."

2. Knowing when to walk away from a case based on data-driven risk assessment.

3. Employing data-driven jury selection techniques to pick optimal jurors for your case.

4. Conducting studies to refine and optimize your opening statement for maximum impact.

Throughout the workshop, we'll engage in interactive discussions, analyze case studies, and provide practical tools and resources to help you implement these data-driven strategies in your practice. By the end of the session, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to harness the power of data, AI, and empirical studies to find your diamonds in the rough and achieve more 7 and 8-figure results.

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