Get Up and Present

The purpose of this interactive workshop is to gain confidence and comfort while presenting multi-media to jurors, judges and in mediation.

This hands-on program will focus on practicing presentation skills, gaining confidence, and becoming more persuasive. We will review theory, provide examples, and get you on your feet practicing using different tools available to you in the courtroom.

After studying basic multi-media learning theory, seeing examples and applications, you will get up and present a succinct opening/closing. You will use pre-prepared computer slides, a blow up, write on a note pad and use a document presenter. By practicing using each of these tools in one presentation, you will learn which tools can help you make points more effectively and to become more fluid in your persuasion.

Some ideas we will cover include:

· Multi-media learning principles;

· Understanding and capturing attention;

· How to handle a technology failure;

· Use of Voice, silence and body;

· The power of practice;

· Presentation organization;

As trial lawyers, we rarely get to see how other plaintiff’s attorneys present in court. This workshop will not only allow you to practice discrete skills but will give you the chance to see how others handle the same tools. By watching others in your workshop present, you will learn additional techniques and insight into what it is like for a juror to see a lawyer present.

The skills to be taught apply to any case. Justin Kahn, a board-certified trial and medical malpractice attorney, has taught these skills to lawyers and law students throughout the country from those in their 70’s who have never used PowerPoint to newer attorneys who realize that a slide is not always what is needed to engage. Attend this workshop and get up and present with more confidence, passion and persuasion.

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