Michael Alder

Mastering the Art of Killer Depositions

Depositions are 30% law and 70% art. High level techniques and strategies to transform an ordinary examination into a powerful tool for your case.

Understanding Deposition Basics: Learn the fundamentals of depositions, including their purpose, structure, and how they fit into the broader legal process.

  • How to stop coaching of the witness by the defense
  • How to prevent interference by the defense
  • What objections are appropriate

Techniques for Effective Cross-Examination: Discover strategies to extract valuable information and admissions from witnesses through skillful questioning and cross-examination techniques:

  • Using the admonition as a sword
  • Effective use of whiteboards and demonstratives
  • How to push for answers

Crafting Winning Questions: Get insights into formulating questions that leave no room for evasion, ensuring you receive clear and useful answers.

  • Don’t guild the Lilly
  • Crafting the perfect cross-examination question

Taking Control of the Room: Learn how to establish authority and control in the deposition setting, managing the witness, opposing counsel, and the environment to your advantage.

Interactive Q&A Session: Engage in a dynamic Q&A session where you can ask questions, seek advice, and discuss scenarios with peers and experts.

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