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Mediation and Post-Trial Settlement Conferences

Settle before or after the entry of judgment?

  • Does the defendant want to avoid the entry of judgment? Put a time limit on holding the judgment.
  • Would the entry of judgment with the full value put leverage on the decision-makers?

Do you have all the insurance policies?

  • Was notice given to all insurance carriers?
  • Do you need to consult with an insurance coverage attorney?

Have you discovered the defendant’s other assets?

  • Do you need to do post-judgment discovery?
  • Should you notice a judgment debtor examination?

Should you demand a supersedeas bond?

  • Will a bond requirement compel the defendant to make a reasonable settlement offer?
  • Is bankruptcy a concern? Should you hire bankruptcy counsel?

Is there some legal issue holding up settlement?

  • Do you need to defeat the defendant’s post-trial motions, e.g., motion for new trial, judgment as a matter of law, alter or amend judgment?
  • Would an award of attorney fees and costs place leverage on the decisionmakers?
  • Is there any post-trial motion that you can file? (challenge adverse interlocutory orders or directed verdict rulings
  • Do you have the basis to file a cross-appeal?

Does the defendant have a bad faith claim against its own insurance carrier that can be used as a bargaining chip?

  • Did the defendant have independent counsel during trial?
  • Should the independent counsel actually file the bad faith lawsuit?

Do you need the help of a mediator?

  • If the defendant emphasizes the strength of its appeal, a retired Supreme Court Justice could help.
  • Are there factual or insurance issues where a different kind of mediator could assist?

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