Mass Torts and Tax Credits; Non-Recourse Litigation and Medical Care Funding

Michael Blom (1:00-1:30pm) -New niches to explore: Mass torts and tax credits

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Brett Findler (1:30-2:00pm) - How to increase damages, case value and courtroom victories through Non-Recourse Litigation and Medical Care Funding

What is Non-Recourse Litigation/Medical funding? What does Non-Recourse mean?

a) Is it a loan?
b) Do I have to provide personal financials to obtain NR funding?
c) Do I have to pay anything upfront to obtain the funding?
d) Do I have to make monthly interest/principal payments while case is being litigated?
e) Do I have to pay back the funding company if there is no recovery on the case funded?
f) When do I have to pay back the funded monies and interest contractually owed?
g) Do I need my client's permission or signature to obtain NR litigation funding?

Different types of NR funding programs
Litigation funding... what can be funded?
All expert witnesses charges

a) Surgical, Visual and Accident Reconstruction videos
b) Accident Reconstruction Expert
c) Life Care Plans
d) Jury Consultants
e) Trial Coaches
f) Educational Seminars
g) Etc.

Medical Care Treatment funding

"Bring your life care plan to life through NR medical funding" Learn how to bullet proof your life care planner's report, turn speculation into reality and dramatically increase damages and case value.

Different types of NR medical care treatment fundings

a) Inpatient facility care/treatment
b) Surgeries
c) DTI and all MRI imaging scans
d) TBI and catastrophic medical care treatment
e) Aide and attendant care
f) CNA home health care
g) Home modifications
h) Transportation needs

How the funding process works and who should use NR funding

a) How and when to apply
b) How long does it take to get the funding monies?
c) What information is needed?
d) Do I have to share my file with funding company?
e) Does the funding company make any decisions relating to the case and my representation of the client?

How to view NR funding

Should not be viewed as a cost to the case.... rather an investment to procure best possible result for client and attorney.

How NR litigation funding empowers the lawyer in representation of case

How NR litigation can take the Davids of trial lawyers and turn them into Goliaths... overnight.

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