Voir Dire Skills Training: Bring Your Case!

Attendees will meet twice before the session to brainstorm case themes and weaknesses to explore in voir dire.Each participant will be tasked with identifying the top 2-3 concerns they have about their case and develop a voir dire strategy to address those key issues.

During the session participants will briefly roundtable their cases and voir dire strategy during the first hour, then each attorney will spend the remainder of the session practicing their questioning with live mock jurors.

Ravipudi will provide immediate feedback with an opportunity to correct and re-question trying different techniques.

Within the context of real world case patterns you will learn how to:

•Set the stage to encourage honest and open answers

•Ask engaging and relevant questions to maximize the information you receive

•Get quiet jurors to speak out

•Target problem jurors to establish challenges for cause.

•Become more comfortable during jury selection

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