Win Your Case Before Trial and How to Try it if They Let You

One of the nation’s preeminent trial lawyers and the author of Tire Defect Litigation, Rob Ammons will introduce his strategies on preparing for and winning before trial as he’s learned it from 30 years of record setting settlements and trial successes against some of the biggest defendants in the world.

Execute a strategic plan to build your trial story and win your case before they let you in the courtroom.

Rob’s talk will focus on the substantive and practical considerations in developing the evidence, narrative, and visual elements that form the chosen trial story, and then executing a strategic plan to build the trial story and get cases resolved for real money—and how to try them if the insurance company gives you the chance.

It’s Your Story — Every case is about something. Make it about what you want. From the outset, Rob’s strategic plan focuses on the story of the case and how he will get the characters, evidence, and visuals to present the trial story. In this first section, Rob will teach you what he looks for in the story of the case based on his thirty years of experience and knowledge of where and what the evidence is (or should be).

Building Your Story — It’s not enough to know what your case is about. You still have to make it about that. Rob will teach you his time-proven strategies that allow him to execute his strategic plan, use each piece of evidence developed, and have each witness play their part in telling the trial story. This instruction will include deposition techniques, sample graphics, and some of the resources Rob uses to help you craft the evidence and capture witnesses to build the story you want.

See the case; Show Your Story — Jurors need an entertaining story. And they expect a visual presentation that brings to life the evidence and testimony. Rob will instruct you on the multi-media visual tools and strategies that he uses in preparation, depositions, and at trial to bring the trial story he crafts to life. This section of the talk will focus on PowerPoint and other tools Rob uses with his own team to see the case before he ever takes a deposition, how he builds multi-medium visuals with consultants, and how he deploys visuals effectively with witnesses, in motion practice, at mediation, and—if the insurance company will let him—to show the story at trial.

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