Chris Dolan

Shining The Light On Voir Dire - From Fundamentals To Fruition

This program is designed to illustrate the core principles of Jury selection through education, application, and participant experience.

A lecture on core principles and techniques used to identify, reveal, and record both actual and implied juror bias to aid in juror “self-deselection” will be provided based on a fact pattern from an actual MTBI and loss of consortium case in which over 40 jurors were excluded for either cause or implied bias. The lecture will encompass topics such as the use of a juror questionnaire, the selection of themes to be explored, the phrasing of questions, relationship building with the panel, de-vilifying plaintiffs lawyers, frivolous verdicts, being bold and unafraid of “poisoning” the jury, willingness to consider large awards, projecting the appearance of unbiased fact-finding and protection of the rights to a fair trial for both parties. Participants will learn techniques on turning jury selection into a focus group, promoting the willingness of jurors to express unfavorable opinions, and developing a prophylactic against “juror rehabilitation” by the defense. A transcript of an actual voir dire and a well-developed juror questionnaire will be provided to all participants.

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