Craig Peters

To Get Big Verdicts, Set The Floor For Your Non-Economic Damages

The old approach to damages was to ask for big numbers in the expectation that the jury would significantly discount your number. Come learn about a different approach to getting the jurors actively involved in deciding the fair value of your case, where the jurors are discussing numbers in EXCESS of what you have asked for. Sound too good to be true? Come hear how using this technique produced a $40 million non-economic damages only verdict for a 78-year-old man that injured his neck and back on a piece of gym equipment. Or, how this technique was used to secure an $8.25 million non-economic damages only verdict for a civil rights case in which the plaintiffs had no physical injuries and were not taken to jail.

  • Constructing the story
  • Building credibility
  • Preparing simple graphics
  • Undermining the defenses

Trial Strategy

  • Telling the damages story – less is more
  • Themes and allegories
  • How non-economic damages were proven
  • Post-trial strategy

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