John Romano

Words & Images In Action In Discovery & Trial

Words & Images In Action In Discovery & Trial, Trial-Learning How To Create, Own The Language & Images Of The Case

Here we will concentrate on word usage & word & phrase sequencing demonstrating how the mere use of one word in a question or answer radically alters to perception of the listener. We will work together to analyze how best & when to use selected analogies & examples as well as metaphors & similes & rhetorical devices. This is at the epicenter of persuasion & persuasion. The language of the case must commence day one in your handling of the case. You will learn how to use these devices & methods in written discovery, in depositions, in hearings, mediation & trial. Attendees will play an integral role in this session as each will take part in presenting a real case scenario….so we can work together to develop the “good-better-best” approach to determining the language of the case for a given real litigation case.

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