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TLU Skills Bootcamp

The bootcamp will start in Huntington Beach on Sunday, June 2, and goes until Tuesday, June 4. The combo ticket includes the TLU Live HB ticket, June 5, 6, 7, and 8.

TLU Trial Skills Bootcamp is an intensive where participants will exponentially improve their presentation, cross-examination, and voir dire skills. Video replay will be used throughout. To master any complex skill it must be broken down to its fundamentals (micro-skills). The micro skills must be identified, isolated, and practiced to the point of unconscious competence. The micro-skills of persuasion are:

1. Appropriate eye contact

2. Voice control

3. Hand/body movement

4. Emotional control

5. Glance control

6. Creating space

7. Word selection

8. Listening

Participants will practice these skills in the context of voir dire, opening statement and cross-examination.


"The TLU bootcamps are great. Solid tools to help you see your blind spots in how you are coming across to the jury. You are forced to see yourself as a presenter, and given tools to present more effectively to the jury. The bootcamps have helped me become a better storyteller by helping me build habits so my countenance and postures don't come across as forced, but as natural extensions of my client's story."

-Robert Buzzard, Ayala, Morgan & Buzzard

"I believe that participating in the TLU bootcamps has been the single most beneficial investment that I have made in myself as a trial lawyer. It provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work on everything from jury connection to storytelling within the courtroom and the confines of a case. I don't believe that the skills taught in this program are available anywhere else, and any lawyer who is serious about trial work MUST make this investment in yourself."

-Doug Zanes, Zanes Law

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