Jason Waechter

Case Analysis: $27,500,000 Verdict - Auto v Motorcycle

(Includes $2,000,000 Loss of Consortium Verdict)

From discovery to verdict with Big Data.
A distracted driver on her cellphone hit our client was hit while on his motorcycle.The biker’s leg had to be emergently amputated above the knee.

The motorcyclist did not have a motorcycle license, tested positive for marijuana and post-accident medical records indicated he smoked marijuana daily.Defense allegations included:failure to mitigate, not treating for psychological damages, not trying hard enough, staying in bed and playing video games, not returning to some kind of work, failing to get vocational training or education to reenter the workplace and that there was no loss of consortium.

Big Data was done which guided us to make all the critical decisions such as negotiating the high/low agreement, the admission of evidence, whether certain facts mattered for an increased verdict, and the money asks for both the injury claim and the loss of consortium claim.

One hour presentation will focus on:

  • Prep your client for deposition to defeat the assertion that motorcycles are hard to see.
  • The effective ways we asked for money damages at trial.
  • The effective demonstrative aids used at trial.
  • Important medical information about lower limb amputations.
  • Combat the defense’s attempt to admit liability and exclude evidence of distraction.
  • How to find ALL the insurance.
  • The story we developed for our case.
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Defeated the defense’s Nuclear-Verdicts-playbook.

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